Sage. what’s it? looks like a color on a paint store palette. Well, perhaps it’s, however that’s not what we’re talking regarding here. We’re talking regarding dried sage leaves that ar used for smudging or as incense. Sage comes in many varieties. Healers and herbalists generally use white or buffalo sage. Burning sage has been practiced by Native yank civilizations and is practiced to get rid of negative energy. The name sage is Latin “salvia,” which suggests, “to feel healthy.”

Burning sage is safe however wherever you utilize a lighter or preferred match sticks, use caution. additionally don’t inspire the smoke directly from the sage stick, once more use caution and common sense. Burning it daily is safe, but if you’ve got respiratory disorders or different respiratory organ issues, confer with your doctor before its use.

5 Reasons To Burn Sage

Digestive Health

It has been utilized in the past, and still utilized now, to assist against depression and anxiety. It additionally helps with biological process troubles, soothing upset stomachs. Sage, as an herb, has antimicrobial properties, boosts memory and mental clarity, and may improve air quality. 

Mental Health

Burning sage allows you to feel more grounded and is extremely impactful for your mental state. Inhaling the sage scent helps with calming the mind, equally how the fragrances of incense or essential oils do as well. Simply burning it for a short few minutes helps lower stress and convey your calmness.

Removing Negative Energy

Smudging is practiced to free your home or house of negative energies. The ritual has been practiced for hundreds of years by burning sage and personal belongings as the smoke fill all corners of your house when you are feeling it’s been visited by negative energies (people). Have a few window open to permit the smoke to exit taking the negative energy with it.

Cleaner Air

Many types of sage have antimicrobial properties. It will kill offensive microbs and bacterium within the air for up to twenty four hrs. It will facilitate with reducing allergens for people who might have be allergic to spores, pollen, etc.

spa sage


Many use it to organize for meditation or healthfulness or maybe to calm while having a massage. It smells nice and helps the mind be less busy with thoughts and focus because the smell distracts you from different thoughts. Using the ability of Sage smudge could be a nice beginning to obtaining your mood right for visualizing and setting smart intentions for amendment in your life. Smudging has been around for hundreds of years in terribly ancient ceremonies thanks to its power to stimulate the mind. Use it with constant respect and with the correct intentions.

How to start using it:

  1. Light the sage bundle with a match at the end of the stick. If it catches fire, let it burn for a few seconds, and blow it out (use caution). GENTLY blow on the smoldering leaves to allow the smoke to grow.
  2. Direct this smoke around your body by moving the bundle around you and walk around the space you want to cleanse and ensure you walk in the corners to allow the entire room to be flowing with the smoke. 
  3. Allow the incense to linger on the areas of your body or surroundings you’d like to focus on. 
  4. Collect the ashes in a ceramic bowl. Keep in mind the ashes will easily fly around if you blow too hard.


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