Looking for some motivation or just trying to fine-tune your health and fitness routine? Here are some tips to help you maintain your goals!

Note: Check with your doctor before you start any new exercise program


  • Make sure you make good food choices from the start – and have good role models. You are more likely to have a healthier lifestyle if your family and friends do 
  • As long as you know what a balanced meal is, the importance of nutrition and how it transcends into feeling good, energetic, and feeling motivated, you will be fine 


  • Most important thing is muscle awareness and quality cardio. You need to figure out where your overall fitness and muscle strength is, once you figure that out, and why you are working them, a good foundation will be built. Anytime you work out, remind yourself what what your fitness goals are 
  • As with my other post – Guide To Muscle Mass, breakdown your target muscles into days/groups
  • Legs are your biggest powerhouse, training those 2 times a week is ideal, but I get that it can be hard to do with life in the way:
    • Back with biceps 
    • Chest with triceps
    • Chest with shoulders
    • Triceps and shoulders – but more difficult, as smaller muscle groups, faster fatigue
    • Shoulders with core
  • You can do any exercises you like, that you feel are the most interesting to do, just at a much lower weight, be smart and cautious to decrease risk of injury 

Other Tips

  • Eye on the prize. You never “win” at fitness, you just get better, faster, stronger, and more confident. Set small goals for yourself for the short term, write them down, but also set ones that would take you a year to achieve. For example, one of mine is to do a 8 chin-ups, and I try frequently and improve gradually. That is a big one, but smaller ones I have that can be achieved within a month or so. They can be both nutrition and fitness related, but you can hold yourself accountable for it 
  • It is a slow and steady process, and you won’t always feel motivated. Find something that will make it easier to work when you least want to. I look at pictures of really fit people, and that works for me. Caffeine too 😊 
  • Genetics play a big role in how fast our bodies can transform and what will be harder to achieve 
  • Be patient! Good things don’t come overnight, and you will not see results quickly, but always think back to where you were a month/3 months/a year ago compared to now if you need a boost of confidence
  • Diversify, do different things that challenge you, and your realm of challenge will expand. I have recently started running the stairs, they have been kicking my ass, but it’s a new way to get fit in the summer

To get to enjoy the active lifestyle, you have to fall in love with the way it feels during/after, and then it will never feel like work. Doing more of what you like is likely to increase that, so getting yourself to do more of that will always be more pleasant. Staying fit may not always be easy, but it shouldn’t be boring either.

Need more advice on reasons or tips to staying fit? Check out the article from the Mayo Clinic.

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