We know the routine. Wake up. Do our thing in the bathroom. Get ready for the day and head out the door. Most likely with a coffee or maybe a smoothie in our hand. And in 30 or so minutes. Because we love our snooze button 🙂 But drinking water?

There are many morning routines you can find online and YouTube. The one common thing most of them have (hopefully) is drinking water as the first thing you put into your body. The importance of drinking water in the morning is many as described by MedicalNewsToday. Whether you drink a glass, a litre or a gallon.

4 Key Benefits:

  1. It hydrates us after a long nights sleep. Our bodies need hydration hourly anyways, so having water first thing is awesome wakeup for your organs and senses
  2. It helps lubricate your mouth, throat, stomach and liver right away before you dilute and overpower your body with coffee, tea, smoothies, sugary juices, heaven forbid pop, etc.
  3. Its great for your complexion and skin maintenance as well as detoxifies your major organs. That alone is the reason for water in the morning
  4. Drinking water helps boost your metabolism, cleanse your body of waste as it flushes toxins from your system (my Dr. Always said to drink plenty of fluids when I was sick as a child), and acts as an appetite suppressant as it fills you up

My water cocktail of choice is thus:

  1. Sliced lemons
  2. Sliced cucumbers
  3. Mint leaves
  4. Apple cider vinegar

Lemons help detoxify. Cucumbers add to the hydration and pleasant taste of your water. Mint, well we know how good mint tastes, Apple cider is a great ingredient to help alkalize your body (yes lemons do the same) and it also helps with any stomach issues plus more.

Again, this is my combo, you can do yours anyway you find it helps you. But do make it a priority every morning and eventually it’s a habit. A good healthy habit that your body will thank you for it.  

TIP : One big thing that isn’t always common knowledge, drink using a straw and always make sure the water passes your teeth as much as possible. The acidity, even as minor as it is, daily, will slowly weaken the enamel of your teeth. So do drink it, just use a straw.

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