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All of us want to have healthy, glowing, beautiful skin. That does not mean using expensive products or spending an hour a day in front of the mirror either. Depending on your skin situation, you may need some specific items to treat acne, psoriasis, etc. BUT the foundation of a great skin care routine is always the same for everyone.

The products out there to use for your face can be daunting. Everyone has a product, a cure, a homemade tonic. What you need to focus on is what I have done for years – routine and sequence. Bam! There it is!

So, with having product to use, think of it as applying your makeup, you take time and care to apply makeup, the same when it comes to nourishing your face. Justine Przewieda, a fully qualified and certified permanent makeup artist …. Suggests applying your products in the right order will give your face the best chance to get all the benefits of each product. When you rush any application or apply it the wrong way to your face (not using fingers for example) you will either spread it on too thick or not give your face enough coverage (think decollate).

So now let’s get to the step-by-step skin care regimen to get you looking your best and make your face happy too!

Layering of product is so important. Whether it is a serum, oil, spray, etc. Each one needs its own space and time to penetrate your skin and do its thing. Rushing any one of these steps can result in you not getting the results you had intended.


This is a step that many do not pay enough attention to or rush through it. This is where you prep your skin for the morning sun and all the fun pollutants in the air before you head out for the day.


Splash some warm water (not cold, not hot) to gently awaken your skin and allow for your pores to open and not be shocked by intense cold or hot temperature change. Wash with a gentle cleanser based on your skin type or chemical free soap. Remember to include your neck as well.


We’re not talking muscles here. Toners are your best friend. There are many variations that are gentle on your skin, but they are all effective for setting up your skin to absorb nutrients, whether it is Vitamin D from the sun, antioxidants from other skin care products and to help your skin obtain its pH balance. Toners come as a spray/mist or liquid that can be applied with facial pads. Remember to give your face and decollate enough coverage. If you use the liquid type, allow your skin to dry before moving to STEP 3.


Serums are your vitamin supplements for your skin. They help address any skin concerns you may have with dryness, or other blemishes. Serums help protect your skin from all the bad stuff we face daily like pollutants and if we stay out a little too long in the sun. Justine recommends the antioxidant filled serums.


The skin around our eyes is oh-so delicate. It needs its own support that different from our face or neck. Eye creams are vital in keeping the skin tight and elastic. Its one of the first places to show signs of age. So treat it with as much care as other areas of your face. NOTE: application here is so important to follow. Never press hard or pull on the skin around your eyes due to how delicate the skin is. When applying cream, use your ring or pinky finger and DELICATELY apply the product by tapping it on your under eye area until it absorbs. Use a cream with SPF for added protection.


Next to look at is specific issue that you may have on your skin that only occur as small outbreaks. Things like dry patches or acne flareups. Apply product specific to these conditions directly on the area of concern. Again in small amounts until it has absorbed completely. In the case of acne treatments, remember that they can dry out the affected area, do be gentle.


All of us need extra moisturizer to combat the harsh sun in the summer and bitter cold in the winter. I always drink water daily. See our article <here> on benefits of drinking water every day. Applying moisturizer is best soon after your other products are applied, to lock in their effectiveness as moisturizer acts as a barrier. NOTE: It may affect the efficacy of any spot treatments, so you may want to skip those areas.

Note: Don’t TOUCH your face! You wouldn’t stick your finger is a fresh painting? Same goes for your face. Rule of thumb…and finger, don’t touch it with bare fingers. Use a tissue or sleeve or something else to avoid smearing any of the perfection you spent time applying. Wear sun protection as much as possible. Hats, sunglasses, SPF are all especially important items in the protection and balance of your face. Just as important in the products you apply. If the products you apply already come with SPF, then you’re good.



Your face has been through a lot in a day. Now its time to wash away your morning skin care routine and prep your face for healing and rejuvenation while you sleep.


Same as the morning routine, you need to clean everything off that you put on this morning. That includes any makeup. We all know that minimal makeup goes a long way, but if you have applied date night makeup, its time to clean it all away. Use any makeup cleaners you typically use, first. Then use a face wash and cleanser or scrub to help get all the pores squeaky clean. NOTE: some scrubs only need to be used a few times a week. Ensure you follow the directions of your scrub.


Same as morning routine. Easy peasy.


This is where you may want to try another eye cream that is specific to dark circles or puffiness to help calm them down while you sleep.


Here’s where you can choose based on your day, how your skin looks and what your face went through. If you spent an active day, sweating, had lots of sun, or just feel run down and your face shows it, you may want to go with a night cream to help give it some love and radiance while you sleep. If you had a pretty light day, you may opt for the moisturizer.

NOTE: Some night creams take a while to absorb properly, so keep that noted before going to bed and smearing it all off on your pillow.

Let us know how this skin care routine helps you and what you do differently.

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