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You have to want to get emotional. There. I said it. The one thing that was missed or under-expressed in the movie The Secret. Its been talked about, and you can find other blogs and sites discussing this one tremendously important part of the manifesting recipe. We do it at times, and not even know. That’s usually when the negative attractions happen.

That “it” I’m referring to is the emotional attachment we have to the item, event, experience that we desire to have enter our life.

Without knowing it, we get emotionally attached to ideas, events, outcomes all the time. The problem is we don’t realize it. These manifestations mostly happen when we worry about issues in our life. When we worry, over worry, we get emotional. We get scared, sad, angry and focus on these thoughts for hours, days, weeks. Then, guess what happens? These items, things, events we stress and worry and think about all the time, come into our life. That’s how manifestations work. Thinking about something long enough and applying emotion to it, getting emotionally and sometimes physically invested in something. We’ve all been there we’re we fear something maybe happening and we don’t want it to happen. So we think about not wanting it to happen. We think long enough that maybe we get stressed. Sick to our stomachs. Maybe we cry. All these emotional events are the lynch pin to solidifying these events to occur.

What If We Flipped The Script?

What if we focused on making our dominate thoughts on the events, things, experiences we want in our lives?

We have the ability to do that. We do it all the time without knowing. BUT we don’t realize we need to apply the same emotion as we inadvertently do in negative thoughts. Just focus on the emotional feelings of what these events, items, things will make us feel when we have them. As a result, you’ll get a deep strong emotion about them. Just as a sad or negative emotion may make us cry and physically feel it, an excited emotion for the things we do want will do the same thing. Here are some tips on practicing the Law Of Attraction.

Here’s 2 Ways That I Do It:

  1. Think of a time when you were truly happy or excited that you laughed out loud, cried tears of joy, rejoiced by pumping your fist In the air or any other way that you physically expressed joy. Its these emotions that you want to immediately feel again and then think about the item you want to manifest, with that same level of emotion. Don’t be shy or intimidated by doing that. Its your goal, your item that you want badly enough, so feel that high level of emotion for it
  2. Ask yourself why do you want this “thing”?  Why is a powerful question to ask yourself. Ask yourself this question many times if you need to, to get the answer that confirms its importance to your life that you bring these high level of emotions to the surface. They should last for minutes if not hours.

There’s many more ways. Find what works for you and DO IT! These are your goals. Don’t cheapen yourself by doing this half-assed.

Good luck and happy manifesting 🙂

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