I’m not getting up at 5:00AM. Not a chance, no way. I love sleeping too much, so uh no, not changing. Not a great start to your morning success ritual.

How many times have we said something similar about a change proposed to us? Especially about sleep. Sleep is too precious to us. We’re all warm and comfy in our beds, and we just need that extra 20 mins after the snooze goes off. Well times are changing. Maybe you “need” that extra 20 mins because you’re over tired? Perhaps you consistently don’t get enough sleep? Maybe your health is off and you need that extra sleep?

If you want to change your life for the better, you have to give in to change. And this is not a bad idea of change. In fact, it WILL change your life for the better. Probably fix why you might not be as healthy as you think you are. See any change is scary. Our first reaction to anything we are afraid of is “No!”.

Try this morning success ritual for 30 days (takes 30 days to make it a habit and see the improvement) and let me know I’m wrong. 

Proper Sleep

So “where do I start?” you’re asking yourself? Start here: get to bed around 10:00pm every night. Don’t take your cell phone or laptop to bed with you. Leave that all down stairs. You don’t actually “need” to be texting, emailing or watching TV until 10pm do you? No, you don’t. You want to or like to do that, but you don’t “need” to.  In fact I suggest get into bed by 9:30ish. Start allowing your mind to slow down, destress. You can read during this time, meditate , journal or listen to some calming music.

The first few hours of the morning are the best hours. Its quiet, no hustle and bustle of outside traffic. Its peaceful. Now is the time to invest in your personal growth.

The Routine

Lets break your next 3 hours in 30 minute chunks.

Your alarm goes off, its 5:00AM. You stare at your clock and say to yourself, “What the hell? I want to stay in bed and sleep more.” It’ll take a day or two to stop saying that, but basically, get out of bed. NOW! Tip: I have a light that slowly turns on over a period of 15 minutes to wake me up gently. I also use it at bed time to gently turn off the lights over 15 minutes.

Next? Well…do your bathroom stuff. Self explanatory. Minus the shower. Pour yourself a glass of lemon/cucumber water and drink it. Here’s the benefits of doing that. If you have a pooch, take them out for a quick 10 minutes. Change into some workout or comfy clothes, all while drinking your water.

morning ritual exercise

That takes us to 5:30AM. If you want to be literally undefeatable in business, literally unstoppable in life, then you want to do things like starting the day sweating, because that releases brain-derived neurotrophic factor, that repairs brain cells from stress. You want to sweat, because that’s going to increase your metabolic rate, which is going to give you energy, and hopefully over time fix your tiredness issue if you have it. Next 30 mins is spent doing some stretching AND exercising. Yes, really. Do some basic stretches. Your body has been dormant for 7 – 8 hours and it needs to stretch. You can go for a run or complete a HIIT workout.

healthy breakfast ritual

6:00AM. Shower and breakfast time. Breakfast can be your morning smoothie or protein packed breakfast. No coffee yet. Breakfast shouldn’t be a big or busy meal. Make it simple but with the right ingredients for energy.

6:30AM. Ok, time for coffee or tea. This is where you have “me” time for your mind. Its still quiet in the house, and outside. Maybe the sun is coming up, birds are chirping, but its still relaxing. Here you can journal your thoughts of the past day or write down your concerns and ask questions of how you can overcome those concerns, or practice mindfulness by visualizing your day. You reconnect with your goals each day, get to know yourself even more. This is such an important part of your morning success ritual because you’re telling your mind that “this is how I want my day to go”.

7:00AM. Here’s where you start getting dressed for the day and start digging into your emails, text messages, check the news, etc. This doesn’t mean you answer every email or message, you just read them to see if there’s anything you need to jump on right away.

7:30AM. Time to pack your lunch with healthy snacks and sensible protein packed main course. Oh and more coffee or tea 🙂

If you timing is right, its 8:00AM or close to it and you’ve accomplished more at this point than 80% of everyone else. While they have busy evenings doing all of this stuff, you now have your evenings to do other things or just relax and enjoy your night. You don’t have that feeling of rushing out of the house and missing breakfast or trying to do 10 things at once.

Isn’t this much better and organized? And you’ll be more confident to start your day. And what’s wrong with that? Well, nothing. It basically makes you a more successful person.

You want to get your morning success ritual right, as it sets the tone for the success of the rest of your day. That’s what successful people do.

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