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So you doubt all the buzz words and voodoo surrounding Law Of Attraction? You think this is just a pile of crap. Well you can’t really question what you don’t know, now can you? Just because you don’t understand something, doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. See Dr. Strange as an example. 

Just as the law of gravity or law of flight works, so does law of attraction. Read up on it. It’s a real law of physics. You don’t need to understand it, just accept that it works, just like you do with gravity.


Patience. This does not reward you overnight. It can take days, weeks, months. So accept that. Don’t force or push it, as that can result in negative feelings of doubt and frustration. Then you will be rewarded with experiences that match that feeling, and we don’t want that.

Focus on self

Focus on one or two things you want to achieve in your life. Don’t overwhelm yourself and especially your subconscious. Visualize and feel like you have it. Back to feelings. That’s what drives the eventual receiving of what you want in your life. Just imagine, visualize the feeling of having “this thing” in your life. The more you do that, the more your mind will make it happen as it will realize you are serious with your intentions and it will deliver it to you. 

There is no end date for manifestation. It will happen when your feelings are at a high point for a “period of time”. Hold that feeling as long as you can, days, weeks and the quicker your “ask” will arrive. *Note* Once you receive what you asked for, you can still blow it by not acting on receiving it. Meaning, if you  wanted to get a specific job and eventually you receive a call or email for an interview and blow it off, it still counts as receiving what you asked for. Which leads to my next point….

Be specific for what you want. Describe it in detail. The look, feel, colour, size, FEELING, etc. Be Specific!


Journal weekly. You can journal daily if you like, but weekly is the minimum. Once I have written down my goals; long and short-term, I then read and review them daily; morning before I go to work and nightly before I go to bed. This keeps       your thoughts fresh in your mind and keeps your subconscious on track to deliver your goals. Visualize as well how these items and goals will make you feel when you have them. Strong emotions is the key. For example, I  visualize giving myself a high-five when achieving a goal or hugging my  partner with absolute joy when achieving my goal.

Focus focus focus on your goals. See point above.Use sayings (affirmations)       that have meaning to you as well as will help you keep your subconscious alert. Say these affirmations while looking in the mirror. Seeing yourself say these things is more impactful than you think. It forces you to be honest with yourself when you say them. If you can’t do this, it means you are not serious enough about these goals. It took me a few days to get comfortable with it, but now I do it instinctively, which is what you want. Also remind yourself that you are a great person, and that you love who you are and good things will come to you.

Don’t half-ass it. If you can’t dedicate your-self to this approach, then you’re not really serious about getting what you want. Don’t be shy or intimidated about these suggestions. I approached these techniques after only feeling that nothing was working for me, and I was so determined to change the events in my life that I had nowhere to go but up, and took that determination into following this approach. You need that same determination.

Believe, just believe. As Yoda famously said to Luke, “That is why you fail.” Luke didn’t believe you could do things with your mind and therefore had already       failed in being dedicated to just doing it. Remember, gravity exists. You don’t need to understand how it works, it just does and we learned how to use it effectively to live life. LOA is no different.

Patience. It takes weeks and sometimes months, if doing it right, it should not take years. Also don’t pressure it, consider it a lifestyle choice, no expectation that today is the day. Some tips:

  • Make this a habit. Daily
  • It should be simple, clear, specific and self-motivating
  • Vision board
    • Print out any pictures and sayings that match what you want to have in your life
    • Paste them onto a wall, your laptop, phone, anything where you will see them daily and think about each one for a few minutes
    • Remember earlier I said to have one to two goals max? These pictures and sayings need to match those one or two goals
  • Energy healing. Sometimes you don’t “see” what is hidden in your subconscious that could be a stronger (opposite) belief than what you are currently trying to achieve. Find an energy healer in your area to chat with. Most will chat for free on how they may be able to help you. I’ll add a post about energy healing soon…
  • Mirror work. I laughed and felt uncomfortable at first. But my determination made that wear off quickly. If you really really are determined and want it bad enough, this will work. If you are just “window browsing”, sorry then, don’t waste your time in trying this
  • Feel it like you have it
    • Find a past experience that made you completely ecstatic (receiving unexpected money, new relationship, birth of child, etc.) and match that feeling with your goal 
  • Do this daily or at the very least 2x weekly

Hope this helps guide you towards your goals. Happy manifesting!


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