Start With Hydration

A morning routine is important to have to start the day off right and ensure a healthy digestive system. Start with a glass of lukewarm water with half a squeezed lemon to help dissipate the acid in our stomach. Our stomach is most acidic in the morning from foods we consumed the day before. If you can, try alkaline water with at least a pH 8 level. This sets the stage for a healthy digestive system. Also, lemons are one of the most alkaline foods which makes it perfect to add to your morning water.  See our post on Drinking Water In The Morning.

Most of us who are busy and on the go just grab a quick coffee and head out the door, not leaving much time for ourselves in the morning. Coffee is acidic, usually at a pH of 5 and can be loaded with creamers, sugars and other additives that add to it. This does not set the stage for a healthy digestive system and can make you feel more sluggish throughout the day. Our bodies have been fasting for at least 6-8 hours while we sleep so it is important that when we start our day we give our body the most nutritious foods we can. Wait 15-20 minutes before consuming a healthy, refreshing juice. 

You can use this time to take your dog for their morning walk, meditate to calm your nervous system and reduce stress or do some body stretching to energize you for the day and stimulate blood flow. 

Green Juice Time

Next is the perfect time to get your Green Juice in! Grab a handful of spinach and kale or any dark leafy greens available in your refrigerator. Add 1 cup of water- alkaline if you can, ½ a banana and a handful of frozen fruit to cut out any bitterness from the greens. Mango or pineapple are usually the best and add a thicket texture to the juice. 

Here are six benefits you can expect from a daily green juice:

  • healthy vitamins and minerals
  • alkalize the body
  • provide all day energy
  • detoxification
  • improves gut health 
  • helps build stronger immune system 

Protein Breakfast

Once your green juice is consumed, about 30 minutes later you are ready for breakfast! You can have some oatmeal and toss some raisins or walnuts. Even add some maple syrup for a bit of sweetness, but be careful not to overdo it. Moderation is key! You can have some Greek yogurt with berries, scramble some eggs with a slice of whole grain toast and add some avocado or even make a protein shake. Protein is very important for good health and muscle growth and maintenance. 

Next is your coffee! We weren’t going to forget that, we’re not monsters! That warm beverage you have been waiting to hold and enjoy. Some people prefer to have their coffee on its own after their breakfast to really enjoy it.

Now your body is set and you probably feel more calm and ready to take on the day. Enjoy your new morning routine!  

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