“De-tox” Tea. What is it about?

Feeling like you are having trouble getting the last few pounds off your waist line? Feeling sluggish? A de-tox may be just what you need. Tea is a misunderstood drink. It’s not just for the British and grandparents. Times have changed. Some could say leap-frogged forward, in the advancement of tea formulas and understanding of its health benefits. Tea is sexy to drink!

Tea is growing in popularity and for good reason. Now you need the right tea for the right job. There’s “sipping” teas and then there’s “power” teas. These are the kinds that help your body in various ways but most notably restore missing nutrients or help flush away toxins and left-over things your body doesn’t need. Now that sounds like a drink I’d want to have every day. Actually, I do.


Teas have changed since the days of its inception to grow in popularity as a daily drink, and not just at “2pm tea-time”. I’m here to explain to you about the importance of drinking the right teas for your health maintenance. The right herbs and ingredients in a tea can do wonders for your mental state, and your body. Who isn’t looking to shed a few pounds or crank up their antioxidants?  We all are, we just don’t know where to look or what are the right pure, organic, nutritious drinks to take.

Some of the most popular teas to keep your overall health in tip-top shape are health and wellness teas, which help de-tox your body. They have antioxidant properties as well as helping you flush out toxins and water from bloating that your body may have some trouble doing on its own. And these teas taste pretty good on their own. They are easy to make and within a few minutes of boiling some water, you are enjoying them hot or let them cool and drink them that way too.

Drinking Tea For Health Balance

De-tox teas are especially popular today with all the health issues plaguing people all over the world. They enhance the body’s natural detoxifying powers, provide an energy boost, speed up your metabolism, reduce inflammation, and promote healthy weight. That last one is the most important to be mindful of. A healthy weight for your height and frame has many benefits and lowers or eliminates many health issues due to a stressed body from overweight.  

Drinking this “tea-tox” blend will keep things in your digestive system moving the way they should to ensure that all toxins are eliminated properly. This blend is specifically blended to ensure your body gets the boost it needs with lowering free radicals and helping your system stay clean. You can drink them hot or cold, anytime of the day, and even during your workout. There is no substitute for good health. Enjoy these teas over 14 days to get the benefits and see the results your body craves.

In good health 🙂

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