Note: Always consult a physician before starting any fitness program.

What makes a great long term fitness routine and desired results? Well that would be 4 fitness motivation areas :

1- Motivation

2- Routine

3- Diet & Exercise

4- Goals

Let’s look at each category.


1. Remember why you started

You had goals in mind when you signed up for that gym membership or bought that amazing workout outfit. Remember those goals and inspirations the next time you are sitting in your car trying to talk yourself out of going to the gym on a packed Monday night.

2. Add some motivating workout music

Music soothes the savage beast. And gets us into a groove to keep us motivated and having fun.

3. Get advice

We don’t know what we don’t know. Ask an expert. That’s why they are there, to help and guide us.

4. Enjoy a wide variety of exercises

Exercising was your goal and sometimes that means changing things up to keep you motivated or you see someone doing an exercise that you’d like to try, then go for it! Working out should be fun and motivating.

5. Turn off notifications on your phone

Your exercise time is YOUR time. Its most likely less than an hour of your time when doing your session, you can wait that long to answer your messages. Its easy to get distracted and get back into your routine. So don’t let it distract you.

6. Grab a friend!

Workouts are more likely to go all the way through a routine and finish when working out with a partner. Plus you have someone to talk to when that cute guy walks by.


1. Schedule your workouts

Always make sure to have the days picked out that you will do these activities so its not left up to chance too often. Most people run on a schedule as our jobs or family lives take top priority, but shouldn’t take all priority. Having days and times already agreed upon, make it easier to stick to our routines.

2. Remember to warm-up

Do not just show up for your workout with out warming up. That goes for a cardio routine or running. Always warm up your muscles with some quick cardio for 10 minutes before any program. Anything like jumping jacks, toe touches, lunges or even butt kicks. Your body (and muscles) will thank you.

3. Remember to cool down

Its not great for your heart to just stop cold when finishing up a high impact cardio session or long run. Always walk or keep moving for a few minutes to gentle slow your heart rate and breathing down to normal levels.

4. Get enough rest

Another easy one, your body needs to recuperate. You muscles and bones repair and recharge while sleeping. 8-10 hours a night.


1. Increase the intensity with interval training

A know fact is any combo of cardio and strength training in short bursts – 20 seconds, 30 seconds – can burn fat and tone quickly as your body has to adapt to the fast changes. Also the quick transitions keep the heart rate up and makes fat burning even better.

2. Add strength to your cardio session

Always add some strength exercises to your 95% cardio sessions. Push-ups, sit ups, or pull ups are great exercises to fill out your routine. You’ll improve overall strength and performance in time.

3. Choose the heaviest weight you can

When looking to build muscle, you need to challenge yourself but also be able to do a set with proper form. Don’t just grab a weight to go through the motions. You’re working out for a reason, so use the time wisely.

4. Do cardio after your resistance workout

If you do all your cardio first, you’ll tend to tire yourself out and not have the energy to finish your set the way or with the intensity you wanted. Save the hard all out cardio for the end.

5. Listen to your body

If you are feeling sharp pain of any kind or you feel something isn’t right, STOP immediately! Don’t risk any injury.

6. Stretch

A lot of people skip this step. Don’t be like them. You just put your body through some intense moves, give it a time to stretch out that lactic acid that’s built up. It also keeps you flexible and your muscles relax and regroup better for next time.

7. Fuel your body

Exercise alone won’t get you the body and weight you desire. Eating the right combo of proteins, carbs, and nutrients will help that.

8. Drink plenty of water & detox

I think the benefits of drinking water are self explanatory. Add in a detox supplement to help you meet your goals as well.

9. Have a bath to relieve sore muscles

A little looked over tip. A hot soak help soothe any sore muscles and adding in some essential oils <link> and bath salts make it even that much more enjoyable.


1. Set a workout goal for the week

Always have a goal in mind of what you want to achieve every week in your fitness and health management. Whether its to go to the gym 3 times this week, or do a long run and 1 gym and yoga session. Always not a good idea to add 1 more activity than you may normally do, in case time frees up and you get a bonus workout.

2. Be consistent

Stay with your program. No matter what routine you designed for yourself, stick with the expectations to complete them every week. If there are times when you aren’t feeling it, change up the exercises or weight amounts. But do keep going!

3. Choose a time when you know you will have the least distractions

Whether its before work or after dinner, its important to workout when its convenient to do so. Otherwise you’ll tend to skip your sessions more often.

4. Have a plan

Know what exercises you’re doing and for what reason. Please don’t tell me you just show up to the gym and do whatever. Random exercises get you random results.

5. Reward yourself for your hard work and determination!

Get yourself that little black dress you had your eyes on! After all, you had an outcome in mind when you started this, reward yourself with it!

We hope these fitness motivation tips helped you out to plan a great fitness routine.

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