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Breathing. We do it every day. Unconsciously. But do we do it effectively? There are ways to do it, practice it, to be most impactful for our health. Yes we do it to stay alive, but that is just the basic effect. You can actually control your breath and use it for calming, relaxing and to quiet your mind and make it impactful for your body and emotional health.

Search Wilhelm Hof for example or watch his YouTube clip here.

Now…let’s talk about how I breathe that effectively promotes health and to help with mindfulness, meditation and tips for relaxing.


I use these breathing techniques weekly and they have helped me in many different ways, one being my increased cardio vascular endurance when working out.

We automatically and instinctively breathe. It is controlled by a part of our brain that allows not having to remember to do it and not to think about how to do it. It does it on auto-pilot.

But we can also control it. How? Well we have to think about it. My technique is to breathe from my stomach, not my chest. This is not a new technique,  you can Google it, but it is impactful. It helps when preparing to calm my mind.

 The approach is to sit up straight and focus on breathing from my stomach, moving my belly in and out, not from my chest. I do this for about a minute. I don’t actually time it, I just guess when a minute is up. To keep my mind clear while I’m breathing is to focus on my belly button. Something as simple as that focuses my mind on breathing from my stomach. I take deep breaths at first to fill my lungs with oxygen and then slowly start to breathe normally from my stomach.

At the same time I keep my mind clear and calm from thought. It’s hard to do, but after months of doing it, I ended up training myself and it’s much easier. At this point you can transition into mindfulness, meditation or just remain relaxed for a few more minutes. You can listen to nature sounds or other music that helps you focus and get in the mindset of meditation. Check out a few videos on my YouTube channel.

This approach relieves stress because you are focusing your mind away from what is bothering you. The initial heavy breathing fills my lungs with fresh oxygen which energizes and wakes up my brain and lungs. There’s absolutely no negative or downside to doing this.

I hope these tips for relaxing and calming your breathing help in your daily life.

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