Every year and every season, makeup gurus find different kinds of ways to make makeup more interesting. And admit it; you and me are both confused when these trends show up at first. Some of these trends get hyped up on TikTok, while some others are just waiting for their time to shine.  

What year is better to experiment with makeup than 2020? We stay more at home, “thanks” to COVID-19, so we have more time to improve our makeup skills.  

Let’s see this year’s top ten makeup trends that you should definitely try:  


1. Lower Colorful Eyeliner 

coloured lower eye liner

If you want to make your eyes look more FUN AND CHIC, then line your lower lashes. It can be the same color or something brighter than the color on top. Just make sure it is not black, because it is time to add more color to your life.  

2. White Eyeliner 

white eyeliner


Okay, doing WHITE EYELINER is not a totally new trend for this year, but it has returned, and I am so in for this. The white eyeliner looks great with huge lashes, and it is especially perfect if you are not a fan of the black eyeliner. It is great for summer days, when you just want to add a little spice to your makeup.  

3. Colorful Eyeliner 

colorful eyeliner on asian eyes

It looks like this year we are saying GOODBYE to the classic black eyeliner, because this trend also consists in doing eyeliner that is colorful. Sabrina Bedrani, a celebrity makeup artist has stated that the colorful eyeliner will grow big, because it is an easy and fun way to experiment with colors without taking too much risk.  

 4. Highlighted Complexions 

highlighted makeup

From the first moment that highlight was trending, it never went out of trend. But this year, it is time to step up the game, and be shinier than ever. Make your eyes, lips and cheeks glow, to achieve the best look. Girl I’m telling you, this is our moment to shine! 

5. Light Makeup  

less makeup

Less is more, am I right? Well sometimes, and when it comes to the light makeup trend, less is definitely more. This year, makeup artists have returned the “natural look”. It is an easy look to achieve, and even beginners can try it. Just find the right colored foundation and the rest is easy.  

6. Pink Lips 

hot pink lips

Say goodbye to the classic red lipstick, and buy for yourself and your friends a pink lipstick, which has become such a big deal in the makeup world. Do a simple makeup routine and finish it with a hot pink matte lipstick. I swear you’ll LOVE it! 

7. Neon Eye Corners 


It doesn’t matter whether or not you are going to go for the full eye shadow look, neon eye corners can spice up every look.  

8. The Floating Eyeliner 

the floating eyeliner

We were always taught to color inside the lines, but it is time to throw that concept away now. Take a bright colored eyeliner or a classic black one, and re-create this makeup look. Even if you are a beginner when it comes to makeup, this is a fun way to experiment with your eyeliner 

9. Pastel Eyeliner 

pastel eyeliner on eyes

As you can see, most of these trends consist of new ways to do your eyeliner, and I am not sure which one I love the most. Pastel colors have been everywhere for years now, and it was finally time that someone did this look. It is a great way to do your makeup for summer days and nights, and it doesn’t make you look like you tried too hard to look good.  

10. Lip Stain 

glossy lips

If you don’t like the hot pink lipstick trend, then this trend might be the one for you. Lips stains look SOFT and BEAUTIFUL and I think they fit to everyone. You can try different shades of colors to achieve this look, and I am sure you cannot fail doing this one.  

Now, just as exciting, makeup trends that you should avoid:  


1.Animal-Print Eye Shadow 

Let’s be honest; would you go out looking like you have small cheetahs on top of your eyelids? I don’t think so. That is why for me, this look is a NO GO! It is not a daily look, neither a look for an important occasion, so why bother doing it? I don’t think this trend will survive for too long, but let’s just wait and see.  

2. Pink Blush 

pink blush on cheeks

 A few swipes of blush are great to finish off your makeup look. But covering ALL your cheeks with bright pink blush is not the way to do it. I think this trend is a little bit OVERRATED, just because we are seeing it a lot on social media influencers, but are you really that brave to try it?  

3. Summer Blue 

women with blue lipstick

don’t have anything against BLUE eye shadows, but blue lipstick? I think this trend belongs only to runway models and I don’t think it should be made a big deal out of it.  

4. Gold studs on your eye lids 

giltter eye makeup

Gold is beautiful. Studs are beautiful. Gold studs as eye shadow? No thanks, I’ll pass. It bothers me even when hair touches my eyelids accidentally, and gold studs on them will definitely bother me more and I won’t even be able to open my eyes properly. So unless you are doing a cool and fun photo shoot, I don’t think this trend will stay for a long period of time.  

5. Mismatched Eye Shadow 

trendy eye makeup

I remember when I was in middle school and we used to wear mismatched converse shoes. But MISMATCHED eye shadow is a bold look and social media influencers make it look good, but I can tell you that I have tried it, and it looks like I had my makeup done from my 5 year old niece. Not good! 

 What do you think about these makeup trends? Do you know any more makeup trends that people should give more attention too?  

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