Life hacks. We’ve heard of them before. Who needs a “hack” anyway? Well….. turns out we all do. We’re always in a hurry nowadays. We’re sleeping in more, rushing out of the house later and finding less time to do the things we want, with the procrastinated comment of, “yeah I’ll change tomorrow”. Well why do we always need a milestone like New Years resolutions or saying “I’ll start tomorrow”?

We have the tools right in the palm of our hands and we don’t even know it. And by that, I mean our brains and our phones. The key is to know how to use them to help. These  “hacks” are plain and simple and will be the start of you finding a little more time for yourself as well as remaining positive that you’re not alone in this world going through the same issues. 


woman drinking water with cell phone

We have these magical devices called cell phones that have many built in tools and apps, but some of the simplest and most important are the calendar app or voice assistant. You’d be surprised to know that not many people utilize these features. Maybe they’re not as sexy as other apps you can find in the app store, but they get the job done. Use them to schedule reminders for you to make time for important things for YOU. They can be simple reminders to leave 5 minutes early or a reminder every hour to drink water or even a reminder to take 10 minutes at lunch to JUST BREATHE. Simple tools that have a huge impact for you to keep the things important to you always on your mind. 

Drinking Lemon Water Every Morning

lemon water

I’ve covered this easy life hack in other posts on this site. This is a healthy and simple way to get your body started off on the right foot in the morning. After having slept for an average of 8 hours, your body needs to cleanse and is also dehydrated. A quick glass of room temperature water (with lemon and cucumber) in the morning gets your body off on the right track to detox and provide your organs with much needed fluids and nutrients.

More Vitamin D

woman looking at sunrise

Today everyone is working in their offices longer, and more overloaded with work that makes it difficult to even step outside at lunch to get much needed sunlight on our skins, which helps our bodies absorb Calcium, which we know is important. Not only is feeling the sun on our skin (use sunscreen) for 20 mins powerful to allow our bodies absorb vitamin D amongst other health benefits, but it’s also great for our minds in creating a pleasant mood as it wards off depression. It’s hard to be miserable when you’re in the sun and feel that warmth on your body.

Get A Plant


This is a tip that is mostly underrated. Plants? Why is this on my list of life hacks? Well when you’re alone and need someone to talk to of course. They’re cheaper and less messy than a pet and won’t correct you when you’re obviously wrong. But that’s not the only benefit from plants, they filter the air for you, they look pretty and are very easy to maintain. They can put a smile on your face and can take your mind off of your worries while you look after them. They’re cheap, and you don’t need to take them out at 9PM to the back yard. Woof.

Have A To-Do List

To Do list

This is a biggie for being productive and yet so simple. There’s apps on your phone that have the ability to prepare a To-Do list for you and the bonus is that your voice assistant should be able to read them out to you and update the list whenever you complete one. As you complete items you’ll feel more energized and confident. Our minds love crossing things off a list that we want to get done. Just try and do it with a scowl, it’s pretty hard.


woman smiling

This is one of the easiest life hacks on the list. Who doesn’t like to smile or see someone smiling. It’s universally proven that a smile attracts more people to you than a moody frown, and gosh darnit, it just feels good doing it. Before you leave for the day, take 4 DEEP breaths and think of a few things you’re grateful for. Starting your day smiling has many physiological benefits, sets off a slew of endorphins in your brain and gives you confidence that today is going to be a great day. Combine this hack with a “superman” pose for a minute and you’re on your way to having a great day. 🙂

Set A Goal A Day

dart board

 And achieve it. So why set goals? Well it gives a feeling of accomplishment of something that you wanted to do. This can be something as simple as taking a different route to work/home, skipping the 3rd latte or giving someone a compliment. It’s similar but different to the To-Do list hack, as it focuses on 1 thing that you want to accomplish for whatever reason that isn’t a necessity that you would typically have on your To-Do list. I use this one as something fun or interesting I want to achieve or learn about myself as opposed to remembering to pick up takeout. You can add this to your To-Do list, or it could even be completing your To-Do list.

Make Your Bed After Waking Up

Doesn’t it feel good to come into your bedroom at night and pull back the covers and slip into a cool bed? We all know the feeling of seeing a nicely made bed in a hotel and the feeling it gives us. We all like neat and tidy spaces. This is a quick and simple one, and you’ll thank yourself, trust me.  

Turn Off Or Mute All Electronics 

Well at least 1 hour before bed anyways. Our minds are constantly in overdrive with all the apps and texts and other beeps and whistles on our gadgets. Not to mention the stress of just living our lives on a daily basis between going to work and doing the chores. Our minds and brains weren’t designed with all these bells and whistles constantly in our ears. People are lacking proper sleep, mostly due to the inability to turn our minds off at night. So do yourself a favour and give your mind a chance to unwind. About an hour before bed, put your phone on mute, and grab an old fashioned book or put on some meditation music or just take time for your health & beauty night time routine. Either way, give your mind and brain a break.

Random Act Of Kindness

This one is my favourite life hacks. Twice a week, give back or support someone else in simple ways. It can be the obvious of volunteering your time or a kind act for a stranger, giving a homeless person some money, giving a larger tip than normal to your server or even paying for the person behind you in the drive-thru. The world right now needs more kindness and simple generosity from everyone. You won’t be disappointed with this act of kindness and you’ll be changing your corner of the world just a little bit for the better.  

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